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About Me

Dick HalseyAbout 1976 I was found as a missing heir. It seems that a great-grandfather had three families that only heard in rumors about the others. I end up with $92 as an inheritance but it got me interested in doing genealogy of my various family lines.

At one time, I did professional genealogical research but eventually my work situation made it impossible for me to continue. I started copying tombstones in local area cemeteries in 1983 and have since copied about 60,000 inscriptions in about 60 cemeteries in Monroe County. I spent about 10 years as membership chair of the Rochester Genealogical Society. That term finally ended in June 1998 and then I edited the RGS newsletter for 10 years. In 1993 - 1994, I aided Eileen Welsome, a reporter from the Albuquerque Tribune in finding people who had been injected with plutonium at a Rochester area hospital in the 1940s. Her quest for those victims is documented in the book titled The Plutonium Files. In July 1996, I volunteered to host the GenWeb of Monroe County, NY site as part of the US GenWeb Project. As part of the GenWeb of Monroe County are the tombstone records of Monroe Co. cemeteries that others and I have copied.

Another interest is computers. I had my first programming course on mainframes in 1968 in FORTRAN (language) and learned a bunch of other computer languages, which I never have used. My first personal computer was a Sinclair ZX80, which I bought for about $200 about 1982. It had a total memory of 1K and used a tape recorder in place of a hard drive. After that I got a Coleco Adam for which I bought a 300bps modem to connect to CompuServe. That got me my first taste of being on-line, even if it was incredibly slow by today's standard. I was on many of the local computer bulletin boards in the late 80s and early 90s and then got on the Internet in 1994. I created my first web page soon after.