Old News – Brockport Enrollment

The current College at Brockport was originally called Brockport Normal School. That is an old term for a college that taught people to be teachers at elementary schools. The college was begun in 1835. In 1916 it was only a two year program to become a teacher. Now a four year college; it has an approximate enrollment of 7000. Plus they have a lot more majors, even though the education curriculum is the most popular.

The ad also uses an old term. “Waist” is a very outdated term for a blouse. B. Forman & Co. started in 1913. They grew to 12 stores at one time. The last store in Midtown Plaza closed in 1994.


Thursday, Sept. 28, 1916


Largest Entering Class in History of Normal.


The Normal school has been peculiarly fortunate. While some schools delayed in opening on account of the infantile paralysis epidemic, the normal school was able to start on time. The period of incubation of the disease has passed and the danger of an epidemic seems to have been averted here. It has been decided to keep the normal students away from the training department another week, so that every precaution may be employed.

Mr. Cooper, superintendent of the training department, who was appointed by the State Education Department chairman of the Geography syllabus committee, met his committee last Saturday in Syracuse. At this meeting a tentative syllabus in the subject, emphasizing new features growing out of the great European war, and dealing with new problems of commerce and other relations of the subject to human life, was decided upon.

The school bank will be started again in the training department. During the three weeks in which the bank was in aeration last year, over $100 was deposited. It is believed that this will encourage habits of thrift.

The domestic science department has begun to make use of the products of the school garden. The classes are now canning tomatoes, preserving pears, and later the grapes will furnish material for lessons in preserving.

The faculty reception last Thursday evening was attended by about three hundred members of the normal and high school departments. On the receiving line were Miss Edwards, Mrs. Thomas H. Dobson, Dr. and Mrs. Thompson. Guests were received from eight to nine.

After the program there was dancing until eleven and light refreshments were served. Moll’s orchestra furnished the music.

Ninety-five new members have entered the normal department to date. This is the largest entering class in one semester that the normal department has had in its entire history. These new students come from forty-two different villages and cities.

Presidential Debate

kennedy-nixon-debateOn this date (Sept. 26) in 1960 was the first televised debate between candidates for President of the United States. U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic nominee, and Vice President Richard Nixon, the Republican nominee, met in Chicago for the first of four debates that year. Nixon refused to wear makeup and was seen to sweat. He also had some visible beard stubble and wasn’t dressed as neatly as Kennedy. The majority of people that watched the debate on TV thought that Kennedy had won. The majority of people that only heard the debate on radio thought that Nixon came out the winner. That first debate drew over 66 million viewers out of a population of 179 million, making it one of the most-watched broadcasts in US television history. On election day Kennedy won with 49.7 percent of the popular vote and Nixon getting 49.6 percent.

Tonight the first debate of the 2016 presidential election. Do you think that it will get as large a rating as the 1960 debate?

Top Songs of 1966 – #27

The Association became the next group to have a number one hit in 1966 with Cherish. The song was written by Terry Kirkman, who was a founding member of the group. The romantic song was the number one song on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Cash Box record charts for the weeks of Sept. 18. – Oct. 8, 1966. It also was the number two song on the Billboard chart for the year.

The Association was a large band with 6 or sometimes 7 members. I saw them in concert in 1971 or 1972. After they performed Cherish, even though it sounded great to me, they apologized for the sound. Some of their crew adjusted microphones and then the group sang Cherish again. The group sounded great live and they did all their hits.

Voter Enrollment Lists

Output.pdf - Enrollment_list_Monroe_County_towns_1920.pdfHave you heard? There is a national election in less than two months. That brings up a related genealogy source; voter registration lists. Those lists have been made for many years but very few have made it online.

Recently the Rochester Public Library added the enrollment lists for 1920 for the towns of Monroe County. As you can see from the example, it includes the person’s name, address and political party. I noticed that there some cross-outs in this book and also some people that have changed their party affiliation. Note that there are several election districts within the records for each town.

The Library has had the Rochester enrollment lists for 1920 online for many years. In that volume there are 18 Wards and then election districts within each Ward.

Over on the GenWeb website I have transcribed three enrollment lists; 1917 – 18 Greece, 1922 Greece and 1946 – 47 Penfield. The one for Greece in 1922 is different than other lists in that it does not list political party.

I asked many years ago at the Monroe County Board of Elections if they have a collection of old enrollment lists. Their answer was that they do but for some unknown reason they did not want to give me any further details. I think that if you ask them for a specific year and Town that they would help you. I was just asking for too much information.

If you haven’t registered to vote you have only a couple of weeks to register for the National election in November.

Old News – Rescue

Ever since the Erie Canal (later called the Barge Canal) came through the area, people have died in it from drowning. Many of the victims did not know how to swim. Also the Canal is not easy to get out of because the walls are steep.  There are signs near accessible areas that say that there is no swimming but every year there seems to still be drownings.

In the ad, the Robert Sayles store in Fairport is selling Adler suits made in Rochester.  The L. Adler Brothers & Co. was established in 1883 by brothers Levi, Simon, and Abram Adler. The family business lasted until 1951 when it was bought by the Michaels Stern & Co.


Thursday, Sept. 21, 1916


Mrs. Isabel Chambers Dives into Barge Canal and Saves Her Four-year-old Son from Drowning, Thursday.


Mrs. Isabel Chambers, who conducts a boarding house at No. 43 West avenue, proved herself a woman of unusual bravery and self-reliance, Thursday afternoon, by rescuing her four-year-old son Robert, from death by drowning, when the youngster fell into the Barge canal from the landing near the Dr. Weare Medicine Company’s building at the east end of North street.

The boy had been playing on the canal bank about 2:30 o’clock, with Gordon Williams, aged five years, and Viola Oestrike, a few year older. The children were throwing small sticks into the water near the bank to “see the circles,” as one of them explained, when Robert lost his balance and fell into the deep water.

There were no grown people near at the time the accident happened, but as the children ran crying in their homes, Mrs. Chambers heard them and ran to see what was the matter. By the time she had reached the place where the boy had fallen in, he had sunk from sight and did not reappear, so the brave mother dove into the water after her little son. She failed in her first attempt, but on the the second trial she managed to find the boy, who was lying on the bottom in about twelve feet of water.

In the meantime several men had arrived at the scene, attracted by the children’s cries. Among these were Glen S. Lord, Ray Woolsey and Joe Baranea. Fred Dayton, a conductor on the R. S. & E. road, had also seen the accident. He stepped his car, and came by the way of Main street bridge and down the Schummers alley to assist the others.

Although Mrs. Chambers was a good swimmer, she had difficulty in keeping herself afloat with the additional weight of the boy’s body. The men on the bank made unsuccessful until Baranca tore off his shoemaker’s apron and threw one end to the woman in the water. She held on ntil dragged to a place of safety.

The boy was then given first aid treatment by Mr. Lord. In the meantime Mrs. R. L. Williams had summoned a physician, but the little fellow had recovered before the doctor arrived. Mr. Woolsey carried the exhausted child to his home where he attended later and pronounced in no immediate danger of illness on account of his mishap.

Mrs. Chambers was voted a heroine by all who knew her brave act and it was suggested that steps might be taken to see that she be presented with a Carnegie medal.


wham-1974I uploaded a program for a tribute to former dick jockey Bill Givens of radio station WHAM. He died in 1974 and one of his interests was the big bands of the 1930 and 1940s. So they had some big band music at his tribute which was held at the War Memorial auditorium. Bill also had an extensive record collection of big bands which was given to Lavery Library at St John Fisher College. That helped to form Givens multimedia center at the library.

The program also had a page which showed all the disk jockeys at WHAM in 1974.

This program had covers that were printed on ugly orange colored paper.


Top Songs of 1966 – #26

supremes_you_cant_hurry_loveThe Supremes are back on the top of the record charts in 1966 with You Can’t Hurry Love. This is the group’s seventh number one song. At this time the ladies were on the top of the Motown label and they had multiple appearances on national TV shows. They will be back on the top of the charts later in 1966.

The song was written and produced by Motown’s main production team of Holland–Dozier–Holland, The Supremes version was the number one song on the Cash Box record chart for the week of Sept. 11 – 17, 1966. It was the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two weeks (Sept. 4 – 17). You Can’t Hurry Love would also be a hit for Phil Collins in 1983.