Old News – Labor Saving Devices

Evelyn Nesbit started out as a teenage model for both painter and photographers. She then got a part as a chorus girl and then as an actress. She was involved in a scandal in 1906 when her wealthy husband, Harry Thaw, killed Evelyn’s former lover. She and Mr. Thaw were divorced in 1915.

This same column also ran in The Catholic Courier on Friday, Feb. 21st. The same picture of the new style hat also ran in that issue of the newspaper.

The Fairport Herald

Wednesday, Feb. 19, 1919

Through the Looking Glass
by Evelyn Nesbit

Why does the farmer no longer dig up his fields with a spade? Why does the builder no longer make his own bricks of straw? Why don’t we walk from New York to Washington?

Why? Because we have improved/ <en are too clever to waste their time and energy making pins by hand or splitting rails with an ax the way Abraham Lincoln did. Labor saving machinery has been devised to release men’s energies for better things. The men who used to pound out nails with a hammer, and turn out one nail in five minutes, are tending machines that produce thousand of nails in the time they could make one nail by hand.

So it is with everything in industry. That is why the modern farmer can cultivate thousands of acres of land in the time he used to spend on his tiny back yard; why we travel from New York to Washington in speeding express trains

That is why the women of today are learning and thinking.

Labor-saving machinery has crept into the home to make possible for every woman leisure hours in which to read and study. Any woman who does not avail herself of the new devices is as foolish as the carpenter would be to cut down trees and saw them by hand into boards before he set to work to build a cottage.

Put a fireless cooker into your kitchen. Make use of electricity the way men do in industry, and see how much more you will be able to accomplish with less effort. Get vacuum cleaners to save you backs. Get an electric washing machine to save your hands for piano playing. Stop kneading dough and get a bread mixer. Electric irons, power sewing machines, were not invented as a luxury. They are here to help women. Use them. Be as progressive as the blacksmiths and the pin makers.

This model, a winsome design, is of navy blue pineapple straw, and is cherry trimmed.

Hit Songs of 1969 – #3

“Touch Me” by The Doors wan different then other songs by the group. This song had strings, brass and a sax solo at the end. The song was written by Robby Krieger, the guitarist for the group. The song also the last line, “stronger than dirt,” which was from an Ajax cleanser commercial of the time because the notes were the same as in the commercial.

The song did the best on the Cash Box record chart where it was the number one single for the week of Feb. 2 – 8. On the Record World 100 Top Pops it got up to #2 for two weeks (Jan. 26 – Feb 8). It only got up to #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of Feb. 9 – 15.

Stronger than dirt!

Old News – Credit Card

There had been store credit cards for many years before this national card became available. The problem was that you used to have a card for each store you shopped in. The card being introduced in 1969 then known as BankAmericard is now known as Visa.

Brockport, NY

Thursday, Feb. 13, 1969

Lincoln Bank Adopt Charge Car Service

Consumers in the Greater Rochester area soon will be able to shop with the aid of the world’s largest and most widely accepted bank charge card service. It has been announced by Lincoln First Banks Inc. and its largest affiliate, Lincoln Rochester Trust Company.

A license agreement has been signed with the BankAmericard Service Corporation for its BankAmericard program.

Lincoln Rochester would offer the BankAmericard program after the middle of the year with other Lincoln First banks joining later.

There was a number of reasons why Lincoln First decided to enter the bank charge card business and why it chose the BankAmericard program.

“We believe BankAmercard is the best plan available. It has the broadest national and international coverage  with more cardholders (16.7 million), more merchant outlets (397,000), more participating banks (1,864) and highersales volume ($815.5 million) than any other bank charge card program.”

Because Lincoln Rochester anticipates wide acceptance and distribution of the BankAmericard here, the program also will be advantageous for merchants and the retail community.

The BankAmericard was first introduced ten years ago in California by the Bank of America, San Francisco, the world’s largest bak. By mid-1966, the BankAmericard plan had developed so well on the West Coast that it was sought by other banks, leading to licensing agreements in 42 states.


I uploaded a Rochester Diocese Cookbook. It doesn’t have a date but on the Preface page the phone number is “Stone 1492” and in the US we started changing over to two letters and 5 digits in 1950. So that means it is probably from the 1940s.

There are recipes in all food groups and some beverages too. The recipes came from members of the Rochester Catholic Diocese. The names of all the ladies are listed in the first few pages so you can see if a relative donated a recipe.

The pages of this cookbook were yellowed and some pages had stains on them. I was able to digitally clean up the pages so they look nice and white.

Use the recipes at your own risk. I can’t guarantee that they used safe food handling that are up to today’s standards.