Wilkinson Scrapbook Article – #50

In this article by William Wilkinson’s scrapbook “One Hundred Great and Near-Great Events, Person and Places in Rochester History” (1947) he writes about laws as to what you couldn’t do on Sunday in the past. At one time it was illegal to play baseball or any other sports on Sunday. The last of these laws stopped alcohol from being sold on Sunday morning. That only got changed in New York State about 15 years ago.

Outrageous Doings on Ye Sabbath

A contempt of the regulations of the village of Rochesterville, and a defiance of law and order are shown in the complaint of the writer of a communication published in the Telegraph of Aug. 4, 1818.

“It is a subject of regret that a number of young men and even some adults and men of families and children are permitted on the Sabbath day to wander and stro;; about the streets and river, and many times in the woods. Their object, no one ccan tell, except it is to bid defiance to the laws and good order. It is also regretted that a number of young men and boys are permitted at all times (the Sabbath as well as other days) immediately under the view of several families and the traveler and in defiance of all shame and good manners, to strip themselves naked and amuse themselves in bathing, without any regard to modesty, or the feelings of the civil. If these hints do not remedy their practices, the law must.” — Citizen

Yearbooks and More Yearbooks

Ladies from the 1941 Key, the yearbook for Franklin HS.

I have been concentrating on scanning school yearbooks for over a year. My pile of ones to be scanned keeps getting bigger. I buy them at estate sales, book sales and yard sales. I try to work on different eras, as I have some that are 100 years old and some that are from the 1960s.

Scanning a yearbook only takes a few hours but then I like to clean-up the images and that takes a lot longer. I scan all the pages in color. Most of the scanned images end up with a beige tint but one I did recently the pages ended up with a pink tint. I get rid of the tint and try to make minor adjustments of the pictures on each page. Then if there isn’t any color on the page I change that page to gray-scale. That makes the page smaller and in the end the PDF file is smaller if it has many more gray-scale pages than color.

I still have to be concerned about copyrights, so I can’t scan the newest yearbooks. If there is a copyright notice in the yearbook I can only scan ones up to 1963. Most yearbooks don’t have a copyright. Without a copyright I can scan yearbooks up to 1977.

It seems to take me about 2 weeks to complete a single yearbook. I already have enough yearbooks to last through the rest of the year.

The yearbooks page has all the ones that I have scanned and also all the Monroe County school yearbooks that I can find on the internet that available for free. One recent addition is for East Rochester. They have not scanned the whole yearbook but scanned the pictures of the seniors for the years 1935 – 2018.

Old News – Camp Fire

Camp Fire Girls were formed in 1910. In 1975 they decided to allow boys to also join and they are now known as just Camp Fire. The old news article notes a local group. A check on the Camp Fire website shows that are now only two “camps” in New York. Both of those are north of Syracuse. Did changing over to co-ed help in the demise of the local organization? The Boy Scouts recently started allowing girls in their organization. The national Girl Scouts organization is not happy.

The Charlotte Tavern in the ad is still open for business, 50 years later.

Greater Greece Press

Thursday, March 20, 1969

Campfire Girls Mark Anniversary

The 187 girls in the Greece-Spencerport-Hilton District will celebrate the 59th birthday of the Campfire Girls organization with displays and demonstrations today through Saturday at Greece Town Mall.

There will be entertainment today and tomorrow at 7 p.m. and Saturday at 2 p.m.

The displays will feature service projects and camping and craft activities.

Tonight the girls will demonstrate the Mexican Hat Dance and the Seven Jumps from Norway and will sing around a simulated campfire. Tomorrow they will do the Cornflower Indian Dance and demonstrate the Indian Lummi stick game. The will sing on Saturday.

The girls will appear in ceremonial gowns. Their 54 leaders and volunteer assistants will help with the three-day program.

Mrs. Mary Sieper is chairman. She will be assisted by Mrs. June Riley and Mrs. Mary Ellen Gaynor.

1948 Monrolog Yearbook

I uploaded another yearbook for Monroe High School in Rochester. The Monrolog 1948 has lots of writing in it but most of that writing is just wishing “best of luck.” As with most of the city schools it was large for the times. There are pictures of 260 seniors but no pictures of the underclasses unless they are in an organization.

There was a lot of activities for students and most have the names of the students. All the boys teams are large. There were some sports for the girls but they are listed under “activities” instead of sports and they only get small pictures.

Other Monroe High and other school yearbooks are on the Yearbooks web page.