Top Songs of 1966 – #29

96-tears-1966The next song to go to the top of the record charts in 1966 was “96 Tears” by Question Mark and the Mysterians (or as listed on the record “? and the Mysterians”). The song was written by Question Mark (Rudy Martinez) in 1962 in his manager’s living room and titled “Too Many Teardrops” and then changed to “69 Tears.” He then changed the title again fearing that radio stations wouldn’t play a song with “69” in the titled. The group released a few other singles but they didn’t have much success. That makes the group fall into the category of “one hit wonders.”

“96 Tears” was the top song on the Cash Box record chart for the week of Oct 16 – 22, 1966. It was the top song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for the week of Oct 23 – 29.

Another Church History

durand-churchI uploaded a 16 page booklet on Durand United Church of Christ on Culver Road in Irondequoit. The booklet served as both a history of the church and 50th anniversary program. They celebrated that anniversary in 1968.  They won’t be celebrating any more anniversaries as the church has been sold and will be destroyed. Part of this building was built in 1930 and a newer part was added in 1953. The lot will become apartments for senior citizens as will St. Salome RC Church across the street.

Wilkinson Scrapbook Article #3

In this article from William Wilkinson’s scrapbook “One Hundred Great and Near-Great Events, Person and Places in Rochester History” (1947)  he quotes the first part a newspaper article from 1837. The former United States Hotel that was built about 1826 still stands at 22 West Main Street. It hasn’t been a hotel for about 100 years.


“On no occasion have we participated in a more pleasant excursion than that enjoyed yesterday, May 11, 1837, upon the event of the completion of the Rochester and Tonawanda Railroad. The morning was delightful and at the hour designated for the departure of the cars they were thronged with our citizens, desirous of participating in the celebration of an event so important to the interests of our city… When we reached the depot, (U. S. Hotel – West Main at Canal) the engine was panting like an impatient war horse and at a given signal it sped forward like a thing of life… Hearty cheers from the multitude scattered along the line of road greeted its progress and gave a thrilling animation to the same.” The excursion was to Batavia and return. A good time has had by all. The old United Hotel Building shown in the picture is still standing. It was the birthplace of the University  of Rochester back in 1850. It was Rochester’s first railroad excursion but not its last. Long live Railroads – Long live Rochester!

Top Songs of 1966 – #28

four-tops-reach-out-1966The Four Tops were the next group to have a top song in 1966. This time their hit was “Reach Out I’ll Be There.” It would be the #4 song of 1966. It would also end up being their signature song. That is Levi Stubbs on the lead vocal. The song was written by the Motown team of Holland-Dozier-Holland who wrote the majority of Motown songs at that time.

The group (Levi Stubbs, Abdul “Duke” Fakir, Renaldo “Obie” Benson and Lawrence Payton) had been together since High School but originally had served as a back-up group. In 1964 they released “Baby I Need Your Loving” which had only made it to #11 on the Billboard chart. The group was able to stay together until 1997 when Payton died. Then in 2000, Stubbs suffered a stroke and was replaced. Benson died in 2005. The group occasionally preforms but only Fakir is an original member.

“Reach Out… ” would be the top song on the Cash Box record chart for the week of Oct. 9 – 15, 1966. It was the top song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for two weeks (Oct. 9 – 22).

Old News – Impersonator

Edith Victoria Sharpe was born in 1869. Before she left for China, she was a vocal teacher at the Normal School at Brockport (now SUNY Brockport). She had also graduated from that school. On 1 May 1917 she married to Arthur B. Aldrich, a Baptist Minister in Naples, NY. Edith died in 1944 and is buried in Burdett. Schuyler County, NY.


Thursday, Oct. 19, 1916


Interesting Entertainment to Be Given by Miss Edith Sharpe.


Friday evening, October 20th, at the Methodist church, under the auspices of the Mizpah class, will be given an unusual and unique entertainment. It is the story of the life of Bau Tai Tai, a Chinese woman of the official class. Miss Edith V. Sharpe impersonates Bau tai tai, shows her as she is in her home, on feast days and the marriage day. Miss Sharpe went to China, when it was an Empire, taught in the Peking University that was made possible by the return to China of the indemnity money for the Boxer rebellion by the United States government. She was there during the revolution, saw the rapid changes of the beginning of the republic, saw much of official life and entertained many of the noted officials including Dr. Koo, Chinese minister in Washington. She will have with her curios and costumes which it will be worth more than the price of admission just to see. Besides giving this original impersonation, Miss Sharpe will sing a cycle of Oriental love songs. Other than this there will be instrumental duets and vocal music by a ladies; trio or quartet.






R. G. & E. History

rge-storyI uploaded The R. G. and E. Story to the Monroe Co. GenWeb . It is about 100 pages of the history of Rochester Gas and Electric. Company and was written in 1957. The company dates back to 1848 when they started as a company to have some gas lights along the downtown streets of Rochester. This history mentions former company executives Beebee, Russell and Ginna, all names that became names of electric generating plants in the area. The Beebee Station near the upper falls of the Genesee is currently being destroyed, although other buildings near it will be retained. It is slated to be down by the end of 2016. The Russell Station on the shore of Lake Ontario is also being destroyed and should be completely down by the end of the year. R. G. & E. is no longer a locally owned company. They are a subsidiary of AVANGRID, who owns energy companies in 25 States.

More Mt. Hope Cem. Tombstones

A few days ago I uploaded three web pages that are the tombstone inscriptions of Range 9 of Mt. Hope Cemetery, Rochester. These tombstones were copied by Karen Dau who has spent years copying the tombstones in the newer portion of Mt. Hope.

Range 9 is one of the largest of the Ranges in Mt. Hope Cemetery. About a third of the burials in Range 9 are from Congregation Beth El, a Jewish synagogue. These are the direct links to the web pages for Range 9:

Surnames starting with A – G
Surnames starting with H – P.
Surnames starting with Q – Z.