More TV Listings from 1952

I uploaded 3 more Rochester TV listings from 1952.

Rochester TV Life from 26 April – 2 May 1952.
TV Life from 7-13 June 1952.
TV Life from 5-11 July 1952.

Jock Mahoney

Between the first and second issues, above, two things happened. The company was sued by Time, Inc., the owner of Life magazine and they changed the name of the magazine from Rochester TV Life to just TV Life.

The first issue had an article about Jock Mahoney (then called Jack Mahoney and born as Jacques O’Mahoney) visiting Rochester. He was at that time the star of the western series Range Rider. He later star in two Tarzan movies.

The last issue is about the coverage of the 1952 Republican convention. That was the first time that there was full TV coverage at a US political convention. In between the Republican convention and Democratic convention two weeks later the Dems made some changes to take advantage of the TV cameras being there.

In 1952 there is still only one TV station in Rochester, WHAM (now WROC). It wouldn’t be until Nov. 1953 before Rochester would get a second TV station.

Ontario Beach Park – #34

In 1918 the US is fully involved in the War in Europe. This was creating some shortages in food in the US. Even more threatening was a worldwide outbreak of influenza, generally known as the Spanish flu, even though it did not originate in Spain.

There are two new attractions for 1918. First was a “mammoth Ferris wheel” run by Brown & Hegenham. It was adjacent to the Auditorium. The other new attraction is “The Mechanical Wonder’ under direction of J. A. Ashworth and Sons. It has over 200 miniature moving figures each of which is carved out of wood. It is a scene with mechanics, tradesmen, and factories all in a bustling town.

In relation to the War, the former German Village is now called the Village Hotel but is still run by Louis Englert who has run it for years. For the entire season, all uniformed soldiers and sailors were admitted free to the Park.

The Japanese Bazaar and restaurant has a new operator in Otto Hashimoto. It was noted in one newspaper article that John H. Tamblen will operate the automobile garage and parking spaces. Still most people would take the trolley to the Park as the cost of most automobiles were very large.

As in the previous years, on Sundays they had to have musical entertainment on the Bandstand. The first Sunday was favorite Margaret Heveron, soprano soloist, along with Charles D. Vickers, tenor soloist. Starting the next day on the outdoor stage were Four Flying DuValls (aerialists) and Dare-Devil Oliver. Oliver jumps from 104 feet into 5½ feet of water. Oliver also has his dog, Uno, do a high dive but only from 50 feet. Uno is a King Charles Spaniel.

Alfred Monk’s Band played all season on the bandstand. They usually played light classical music and some popular songs. The ad, below, from June 15th says that they were going to be playing jazz. A small want ad in one newspaper says Hotel Ontario has Fagan’s Orchestra every afternoon and evening. The Democrat & Chronicle of June 2nd said that many couples danced on the Hotel Ontario veranda on Sunday.

The NY State Sportsmen’s Association returned to the Park for a trap shooting contest  June 17 – 20. The contest was won by H. J. Pendergast, of Phoenix, NY who had also won the 3 previous years.

Lew Baker who was at the Park 2 years before came back for a series of performances. He was known as “the minstrel singer.”

Acts for the July 4th were the Six Flying La Vans (6 members of trapeze artists), and the Cycling Jacksons; one of which did tricks on a tall unicycle.

Sunday, July 14th on the bandstand was Italian tenor Mario Cappalli, who in the fall would be in the (NY) Metropolitan Opera House. Also in her third appearance at the Park this summer was Marian Tucker who sang patriotic songs.

Power’s elephants returned this season for another week of performances. On Sunday when they weren’t allowed to perform they did take a bath in Lake Ontario.

In late July, three children bathing at the Park found an oar-less rowboat and got in. Then an off shore breeze took them out into the lake. Verna Lawrence, aged 9, Cornelius Lawrence, aged 8, and Virginia Wozen, aged 6 were rescued by Park life guards.

A newspaper article said that closing day on Sept. 3rd was well attended.

The Democrat & Chronicle of Sept. 20the tells that
Lloyd O’Laughlin who previously ran the carousel is training to be a pilot in the Army.

World War I ends on Nov. 11, 1918. If there had been any lower attendance at the Park because of the War, then the next season should be better.

New TV Shows of Fall 1968 – CBS

CBS had good ratings for the previous year. CBS had both of their top two shows from the previous season (The Andy Griffith Show and The Lucy Show) change to new formats. It didn’t effect their overall rating as for the 1968-69 season they had 6 shows in the top 10 for the season.

The links in the titles are to Wikipedia where you can find more information on each show.

These were the new shows that aired on CBS in fall 1968 (All times Eastern Time Zone):

  • Here’s Lucy; Monday at 8:30. Lucy is again a widow as in her previous series. This time she works at an employment agency. Notable for having her two kids; Lucie Arnez & Desi Arnez, Jr. also star in this series. The series ran from 1968 to 1974 with 144 episodes total. It is much harder to find reruns of this series than Lucy’s first two series. Watch the opening on YouTube.
  • Mayberry RFD; Monday at 9:00. Andy Griffith didn’t want to return for another season of his show so they set up a new format with Ken Berry as Mayor of Mayberry. He also had a s young son. Aunt Bea returned for a couple of seasons as did many of the other characters from The Andy Griffith Show. All of these episodes were in color. First two seasons got good ratings and then ratings dropped for a third year and it was cancelled. Watch the opening credits on YouTube.
  • Lancer; Tuesday at 7:30. A western with Andrew Duggan as Murdoch Lancer. He enlisted his two sons to help protect his ranch in California. The sons are each by a different mother and have completely different backgrounds. One son is a gunfighter and the other was well educated in the east. The series would last three seasons. Watch the opening on YouTube.
  • The Doris Day Show; Tuesday at 9:30. This show starring Doris Day lasted 5 years but the format changed almost as many times. In the first season Doris was a widow with two sons and she moved back to her father’s farm. Her father was played by Denver Pyle. In the second season she starts commuting to San Francisco and working at a magazine. Her boss there was played by McLean Stevenson and her friend at work was played by Rose Marie. In the third season Doris and her two sons moved to an apartment in San Francisco and Denver Pyle only appears in two episodes. For the four and fifth seasons there are major changes. Doris is a bachelorette with no children. She still is working on the magazine but the boss is now played by John Dehner. Watch the opening credits to the first season on YouTube.
  • The Good Guys; Wednesday at 8:30. A comedy about two best friends. The character played by Bob Denver drives an old taxi. His friend, played by Herb Edelman, owns a diner. Hated by critics and TV audiences alike. It managed to go to a second season but Bob Denver’s character becomes a partner in the diner. Cancelled in Jan. 1970. It has never been seen in reruns. Watch the opening and closing on YouTube.
  • Blondie; Thursday at 7:30. A half-hour comedy based on the popular comic strip. Starred Patricia Harty as Blondie, Will Hutchins as Dagwood and Jim Backus as Mr Dithers. A good cast but it still did not catch on and was cancelled in January 1969. Watch the opening credits on YouTube.

Here is a preview on CBS Daytime series for 1968.

Sources used in this series of articles:

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School Items

I uploaded 6 old school items. All are related to school graduations. Included are:

Closing Exercises of Cathedral School, 1903, Rochester, NY.
St. Joseph’s Parochial School, 1930, Rochester, NY.
Graduating Exercises of the East High School, 1935, Rochester, NY.
Graduating Exercises of the East High School, 1961, Rochester, NY.
The Senior Class Banquet, East High School, 1961, Rochester, NY.
66th Commencement, Hilton Central School, 1965, Hilton NY.

All are 3 or 4 pages except the program for closing exercises of the class of 1930 of St. Joseph’s Parochial School which is 46 pages. That one is mostly advertising and the names of the students are in the back end of the booklet.