Top Songs of 1965; #2

The second song to hit the top of the record charts in 1965 was “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’” by the Righteous Brothers. The song was written by Barry Mann, Phil Spector and Cynthia Weil. It is an example of Phil Spector’s ‘Wall of Sound’ production technique. Among the background singers on the song is …

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Old News – Transcontinental Telephone

An Historic technological event from 100 years ago. THE FAIRPORT HERALD Wednesday, February 3, 1915 “HELLO ‘FRISCO” The Telephone Carries Speech From the Empire State to the Golden Gate and Bell and Watson Talk Across the Continent. Less than 40 years ago, Alexander Graham Bell, standing in a little attic at No. 5, Exeter Place, …

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Genealogy Roadshow – New Orleans (again)

Genealogy Roadshow is back in New Orleans tonight. This time, the episode is filmed at the New Orleans Board of Trade. There is a man who hopes to recover family history that he lost in Hurricane Katrina. A woman learns of her family links to both sides of the  Civil War. A woman discovers the …

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Updating an Old Genealogy Submission

About the year 2000 I submitted a GEDCOM of data on my Wilklow family to the LDS Ancestral File. That data eventually was passed over to FamilySearch Family Tree (FSFT). Sometime around the beginning of 2014 I started going through all the data that I submitted to FSFT. So far I have only made it …

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Old News – Shipping on the Railroad

Note the number of carloads of cans that were shipped. Those were cans manufactured by the American Can Co. of Fairport. THE MONROE COUNTY MAIL Thursday, January 28, 1915 8,000 CAR LOADS OF SHIPPING DONE IN FAIRPORT LAST YEAR The Largest Amount of Car Load Business of Any Village on New York Central Between Buffalo …

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Genealogy Roadshow – Philadelphia

Tonight on PBS at 8 p.m. (EST) is the third installment for this season of Genealogy Roadshow. This time the episode was filmed at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia with the same team of professional genealogists. In this episode Josh Taylor helps a ma who believes he may have viking ancestors. Kenyatta Beryy researches the …

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Old News – NY State Items

Here are some small articles from 1915 that pertain to this area of NY State. THE MONROE COUNTY MAIL Thursday, January 21, 1915 YORK STATE NEWS Short Items of Interest From This Vicinity. Three hundred people were poisoned in Batavia, by eating chicken pie served in the Presbyterian church. Every doctor in the city was …

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Genealogy Roadshow – St. Louis

Tonight on PBS at 8 p.m. (EST) is the second installment for this season of Genealogy Roadshow. This time the team of professional genealogists are at Saint Louis’ historic public library. There they uncover fascinating family stories from Missouri’s famous gateway city. A mystery writer discovers her mother has hidden a life-changing secret; a woman …

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Old News – Rules of Etiquette

On the woman’s page of the newspaper were these rules of etiquette for the ladies of 1915. Notice on the ad that the same company that ran trolleys in Rochester also would put gas lights in your house. Click on the ad for a larger view. THE CATHOLIC COURIER Friday, January 1, 1915 GOOD FORM …

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