Long Lost Family

“Long Lost family” is a show about adoptees being reunited with their birth family. There have been other shows like this before but they don’t usually last very long. Not sure why. Normally I would mention that New York State has a closed adoption system that makes these reunions almost impossible in the state+. Then …

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Finding Your Roots, 2016

The PBS series “Finding Your Roots” returns for four weeks starting tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 5th. This is the series from Prof. Louis Henry Gates, Jr. from Harvard. He compares people of different background and finds what they have in common. The series is noted for using a lot of DNA information. The first episode features …

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New TV Shows of Fall 1965 – NBC

NBC had 15 new shows in the fall 1965 schedule. Most of them would only last one season. Still. NBC ended up the the number one TV show of the year with Bonanza. Branded; Sunday at 8:30. Chuch Connors stars as a disgraced Army Captain that was unjustly accused of cowardice. The series had started …

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