Happy Howdy Anniversary

On 27 Dec. 1947 was the first episode of the the legendary kid’s TV show; Howdy Doody. The original title of the show¬† was Puppet Playhouse. It featured Buffalo Bob Smith, Clarabell the clown and the puppet Howdy Doody. Many other characters were added over the years; some human, some puppet. Always a part of …

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Cab Calloway

Born in Rochester on this day (25 Dec.) in 1907 was Cabell “Cab” Calloway III. Cab’s father was a lawyer and his mother was a teacher. Cab only lived in Rochester until about 1918 when his family moved to Baltimore. In Baltimore, Cab graduated from Frederick Douglass High School. He attended college but was much …

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WDYTYA – postponed again?

The running joke keeps going. The US version of Who Do You Think You Are? when last heard from was supposedly slated to begin in January 2010. I just looked at the NBC schedule beginning in January and WDYTYA is not on the schedule. Another clue is the WDYTYA; companion book by Megan Smoleyak was …

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Advent Calendar – grab bag – snow

It snowed today. It is that time of the year when people talk about how nice it would be to have snow on Christmas. I have a snowy Christmas memory that makes me nervous, even today some 25 years later. I was staying at my mother’s house for Christmas. On Christmas day, my brother and …

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