History talk

Charlotte was attacked four times by the British fleet during the War of 1812.  Jim Fisher will describe these events and the details of those attacks which occurred on Oct 1, 1812, June 15, 1813, Sept 11, 1813 and May 14, 1814. The Greece Historical Society presents “Attack on Charlotte in the War of 1812”  …

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Happy other Christmas

Today is Russian and Ukrainian Christmas. January 7th is Christmas for some Orthodox Churches. That’s because the Churches are still using the old Julian calendar and most everyone else uses the Gregorian calendar. The Julian calendar is 13 days behind. The reason that I know about today being Christmas is that about a third of …

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The Generations Project

Last night I watched another new genealogy program called “The Generations Project.” This was the first episode of a series that follows people through the places and occupations of their ancestors. In this episode, Lumina, goes to Liberty, NY to find out more about her grandmother who was able to juggled a family, restaurant career …

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