New TV Shows of Fall 1962 – NBC

NBC in the fall of 1962 started with 3 new westerns.. The stand out was the Virginian because at 90 minutes long it was like a new movie each week. They also had 3 new comedies, none of which would make it to the 1963 fall season. These are new NBC series: (All times Eastern) …

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Fall 1962 TV Hit

A very unlikely hit, The Beverley Hillbillies premiered Sept. 26, 1962. It is the classic “fish out of water” story. The title song tells the story when Jed Clampett strikes oil while hunting. An oil company comes along and makes him an instant millionaire (actually $25 million). He is convinced to move to Beverley Hills …

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1930s Local Directories

The Rochester Public Library had the 1940 Rochester and Suburban directories digitized before the 1940 census was released. At that time they said that they were working on the directories for the 1930s. They are now online. That means that every Rochester directory from 1827 to 1940 is available online. Start at this web page …

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Kodak News; Sept. 17 – 21

History in the making… Kodak employees who earlier this year lost the option of taking a lump-sum pension payment upon retirement won’t get that option back this year. Kodak said that an evaluation of the Kodak Retirement Income Plan (KRIP) shows that it is currently 74 percent funded. According to Kodak, as long as the …

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Channel 13 Anniversary Special

I’ve written a couple of times about the 50th anniversary of channel 13 here in Rochester. Tomorrow (Wed, Sept. 19th) they will have an hour long special that celebrates the station. Tune in and/or record the program at 8 p.m. Update Because of a postponed baseball game  being rescheduled for Wednesday; the anniversary program has …

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