Tombstone Tuesday (4/7/09)

Tombstone of Col. Patrick O'Rorke

Tombstone of Col. Patrick O'Rorke

Many other genealogy blogs are posting tombstone pictures on Tuesday. So here is one from my collection.

Above is the tombstone of Col. Patrick O’Rorke in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery. He was born in Ireland and came to Rochester at age one. He attended West Point where he was first in his class. During the Civil War he commanded the 140th NY Infantry. Colonel O’Rorke was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2, 1863. As the battlefield still active, he was buried at Gettysburg. After the War was over, a movement in Rochester was started to have his remains come back to Rochester. He was brought back to Rochester and was buried near the top of St. Patrick’s Cemetery on Pinnacle Hill. After years his widow complained that she couldn’t climb the hill very well. So Col. O’Rorke was moved to a spot lower in the cemetery. In 1935 St. Patrick’s Cemetery was closed and Col. O’Rorke was moved to Holy Sepulchre.

Check out the Wikipedia page on Col. O’Rorke for more information on him.

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  1. When Patrick O’Rorke entered West Point as a member of the Class of 1862 the Academy had a five-year curriculum. The outbreak of the Civil War in 1861 led to the graduation of the Class of 1861 in two waves, forty-five of them in May 1861, and thirty-five more in June 1861. Patrick O’Rorke was a member of the second wave. 1861 is the only year in the history of West Point to have two graduations and the last year of the five-year curriculum plan.

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