The History Channel is running a series “Vietnam in HD” tonight and tomorrow. I watched the first two hours that were on last night and it is an honest portrayal of the War. Most of the story is told from veterans with news footage and also home movies. The first couple of hours are rerun at 7 and 8 with a new part at 9:00. There are some violent scenes and language so it might not be suitable for children under 14. This series is in honor of Veteran’s Day this Friday. Vietnam vets are now in their late 50s to 70s. Many didn’t talk about their experiences after the War. This will give Vietnam vets the recognition that they deserve for serving in that War.

Also, just today, the remains of Sgt David Lemcke were returned from Vietnam. He was killed in an explosion in 1968. A large procession of Vietnam vets lead his remains from the airport to the Burger Funeral Home in Hilton. Visting hours on Veteran’s day. He will be buried next to his parents in Parma Union Cemetery on Nov 12th.