RootsMagic 5

RootsMagic is my favorite genealogy program. I think it is much better than the best selling genealogy program. I hardly ever have had to use the help file to figure out how to use the program. It is just easier to use because it operates just like you would expect it to do. Now there is a new version, RootsMagic 5.

There was a web presentation (webinar) a couple of nights ago and the new features were shown by head programmer Bruce Buzbee. He had to rocket through the new features in 80 minutes just to show them all. You can view that presentation on-line or down it on the webinar page . There is plans to show the new features more in detail in future webinars.

Some of the new features in RootsMagic version 5:

There is a new view that you can use called “Timeline.” That is addition to the family view and pedigree view, etc. It will show the events for a selected person, i. e. birth, residence, marriage, birth of child, etc. It even can show birth and deaths of siblings and parents. You can also navigate to another relative by clicking on their name. Randy Seaver has already written about “timeline” in this blog post.

The new “Research Manager” in ver. 5 is a way to record sources that you have used. This will help me as over the years there is one book that I keep thinking that I haven’t seen before only to find that I have looked at it years before. A research source can be attached to a single person, family, place or just as a general source. This is the new feature that holds the most promise. Randy Seaver has already used the “Research Manager” and describes it in this blog post .

RM 5 adds a “County Check.” This tool will tell you if you have recorded a town in the correct county for the time of an event. You don’t have to change the location if you don’t want to.

How multi-media is handled has now changed to a “tagging” system. I’m not sure if I really understand this with using the feature. It is supposed to make it easier to use the same picture, etc. for many people or events.

If you are using the “To Do” lists in the old version, you will be happy to see that the new version adds many ways to sort the data. Also, completed tasks can be moved the the Research Log.

There are new reports available. One is “On this Date” which will show show just family members data or add historical events. Another new report is a “Direct Line Descendancy” which is similar to the existing descendancy except that it just your ancestors.

In this new version, you will be able to change the font in the “People View.” I have been having trouble with the font size as my eyes have been getting worse the last few years. I welcome that change.

I’ll bet you want to know the price. For new users the price is $29.95. The upgrade from ANY older version of RootsMagic is $19.95. There is a trial version that you can download for free to see if you like the program. I think you will like it. Go to the RootsMagic web page to download.