F. S. Indexing 1892 NY Census

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (aka LDS or Mormons) have been indexing millions of records for the couple of few years. One of their newest projects is to index the entire 1892 New York State census.  The 1892 census fills the hole that comes about from the destruction of the 1890 federal census from fire and water damage. But the 1892 New York State census is the worst census that New York State did. There aren’t any street names nor house numbers. There also aren’t any family numbers so it is sometimes hard to figure out if a person with a different surname is part of a family or not. The other questions asked were: sex, age, color, country born, citizenship and occupation. Other NY census had asked for the relationship to the head of house; but the 1892 census did not.  This census just asked for the country of birth and others asked for a state or even the county if born in New York. So this is definitely not the best census taken by New York State.

The LDS has many indexing projects going at a time and they are still looking for volunteers to help. If you have the time to help in indexing records then you can go to Family Search and click on”Index Records” for more details and the form to volunteer. They also are looking for people that know other languages besides English to index records from other countries. The best part the LDS projects is that the completed records are available to all for FREE on the internet. To see the millions of records that have already index go to Family Search then hover over the “Search Records” tab and click on the “Record Search pilot” link. I have found some fantastic records there for my families and more are added every few weeks.