Missing Burial Records

I recently created a web page of marriages and deaths extracted from newspapers from the first half of 1830 (see that web page). In an article on page 15 of the 22 Feb. 1830 issue of the Rochester Observer is an article titled “Health of Rochester.” It notes that the Recorder of Burials (AKA Sexton) for the then Village of Rochester had recorded 170 burials for the year of 1829. The article also says that the Sexton keeps a list of the names of the deceased, ages and physicians of the deceased in case anyone would like to find information on those that had died. It isn’t mentioned but probably the burial date was recorded. I would think that burial records probably had been kept since the Village was formed in 1817. That sent me on a quest to try to find those very old burial records. I know that the first book of records for Mt. Hope Cemetery in Rochester (begun 1837) contain burials in many other cemeteries. My thinking is that those odd records could have come from the Sexton’s records. I wrote to the Friends of Mt. Hope Cemetery and asked if the old Sexton records were at the cemetery. They wrote back that they never have seen any records that would be those Sexton’s records. Do those Sexton records still exist? I’ll keep investigating. They could be in a few other places or they could have been thrown out ages ago.