Newspaper Index at RPL – Part 2 (1851 -1903)

Did you read the first part? It is below this part. 

    The second part of the indexing project was to index newspapers from Jan. 1, 1851, but during the project the money began to run out and it was decided that only one newspaper would be indexed after June 1854. The project was cut off at Dec. 31, 1897. Just the same, this part of the project resulted in 67 volumes. These volumes are also in Local History and microfilms of the same are in the Retrieval section. The format is the same as the early newspapers (see part 1).

     The following are the newspapers in those volumes:

  • Rochester Daily Advertiser – (index code RDA) – Jan. 1, 1851 – Oct. 17, 1953
  • Rochester Daily Democrat – (index code RDD) – Jan. 1, 1851 – June 1854
  • Rochester Daily Union – (index code RDU) – Aug. 16, 1852 – Dec. 14, 1856
  • Rochester Union and Advertiser – (index code UA) – Dec. 15, 1856 – Dec. 31, 1897

     It is important to note that the number of newspapers of that era that that have not been indexed. For instance, in 1882 there were 5 daily newspapers (including one in German) but only one is indexed. So if the exact date is known for an event, be sure to investigate all the newspapers published for that date as the event might be in a newspaper that was not indexed. These are the daily newspapers published in the area that are in the Rochester Public Library that have not been indexed:

  • Rochester [Täglicher] Beobachter (German) – Jan. 1858 – Dec. 1859; Jan. 1864 – 1865 and 1867 – Jan. 28, 1883
  • Rochester Express – Dec. 30, 1859 – May 3, 1882
  • Democrat & Chronicle – Dec. 1, 1870 – present
  • Rochester Herald – Aug. 5, 1879 – Feb. 26, 1926
  • Rochester Evening Times – Oct. 30, 1889 – April 30, 1917
  • Rochester Post-Express – May 4, 1882 – Dec. 31, 1935

     There were other newspaper that were published for a short term and also weekly newspapers for both Rochester and some of the suburban towns. A more complete list of local newspapers is to be found on this web page.

      Again, the index volumes have been digitized by RPL as PDF file and will be available on-line in the future. There should be an announcement when they become available.

     In the 1970s, money was obtained from the Federal government to continue the indexing project. The result was a 3X5 card file that is located in the Local History section of the Rochester Public Library. The following are the newspapers indexed in the card file:

  •  Democrat & Chronicle – Jan. 1, 1898 – 1903
  • Rochester Post-Express – 1898 – 1903

     These have not been digitized as of yet. It is a lot more labor intensive to digitize these 3X5 cards as they would all have to be done by hand while the index volumes of the early indexing project can be digitized by a machine that RPL purchased a few years ago.

     There is a big gap after 1903 where no indexing has been done. RPL did start clipping newspaper articles about 1940 and a newer indexing project of indexing newspaper articles that has about 1965 – present articles will have to wait for some future article. Plus there is Glenda Subyak’s site and Fulton History that will have to be discussed in the future also.