Name Changes

You’ve heard the stories about how people had their name changed at Ellis Island. It never happened. The people at Ellis Island only recorded the names. By looking at Rochester directories you can see people who just came to America spelling their name as in the Old Country for the first few years. Then a few years later they start to Americanize the name by using the American spelling. Some Koch families became Cook; Schmidt became Smith, etc.

What made me think about the name changes was these two names I found in the 1847 Rochester directory.

Ymnutgzschlœffenhœffler, Schmærnhocks C., Soap-maker, h. near the Pinnacle

Zoplocksteinski, Bauenrouepff Czarski Ik, Yankee Notions Pedler, h. Dublin

They were only listed for that one year. The next directory is dated 1849 and there isn’t anyone with names even close. It makes me wonder if they changed their names or moved to somewhere else.