RootsTech – Cloud Storage

The second free online presentation at the Rootstech conference was “Do I Trust the Cloud?” by D. Joshua Taylor. He described why genealogists need to back-up their data to “the cloud.” “The cloud” is a fancy name for a place on the internet where you can store copies of your important computer files. Those can be photos, documents, music, videos and/or genealogy databases. Most of the cloud websites allow you to share some or all of those files with others. If your computer is damaged or you inadvertently delete a file, you can restore your files from the cloud storage. You can download an outline of Mr. Taylor’s presentation on this page in both document and PDF formats.

Dennis Hogan and myself gave a similar talk in January at the RGS Computer Interest Group. We convinced a few people that it is to their benefit to use Cloud storage to preserve their important computer files. The cost of cloud storage is now within everyone’s budget.