Missing Burial Records; part 3

I’ve been seeing if the records of the Rochester sexton from the early 1800s still exist.  I made a couple of phone calls to the Rochester City Archives. Finally got to talk to the director of the Archives. She said that the only early records that they have are the “Proceedings of the Trustees of the Village of Rochester.” I had already looked at those records as they are online. See this page.  So it appears that the early sexton records were destroyed as no longer being necessary to keep after Western Cemetery was moved about 1859.

I did get a digital copy of a map of lot owners for Western Cemetery. The names are very difficult to read as the original must be in very bad shape. It will take some work but I think I can digitally clean it up so that some of the names could be read.I’ll then post it on the GenWeb site.

As I mentioned in part 2 of this short series, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic was given 60 lots in Western Cemetery to rebury graves from behind the church. The map shows that those lots each contained 4 graves. Some of those graves would have been for old burials and the rest used for burials from the church after 1827 until the start of St. Patrick’s Cemetery in 1838. So the early burials would have been buried behind the church, then moved to Western Cemetery, then to St. Patrick’s Cemetery only to be moved again in 1935 to Holy Sepulchre Cemetery.