Kodak News; March 5 – 9, 2012

Old Kodak logo

Leaders from the Rochester Business Alliance met in Albany on Monday with top state officials, including Lt. Gov. Robert Duffy (former Rochester Mayor). New York state has agreed to hire a consultant to study the situation of 1,200 acre Eastman Business Park (formerly Kodak Park). The consultant will study future expenses to maintain and/or upgrade the Park. The worry is that Kodak could not afford to do that work itself because of their on-going financial crisis. Kodak has spent hundreds of millions of dollars since the 1980s on environmental clean up of past contamination. The consultant will determine the costs of future remediation. Also, Kodak’s coal-fired power plant, which generates relatively inexpensive electricity is in need major repairs by 2014 to meet new federal standards. There are 35 companies leasing space in Eastman Business Park that will be affected if the power plant is shut down.

On Tuesday the bankruptcy judge in NYC barred Apple from pursuing a patent infringement suit against Kodak. Apple claims that one their patents was infringed by a Kodak patent that lets consumers preview digital photographs on LCD screens. Meanwhile Kodak is still trying to sell 1100 patents covering various aspects of capturing, processing, storing, organizing, editing and sharing digital images. The value of those patents is from 1 to 3 billion dollars. Rumors still say that there are two companies interested in purchasing the patents.

Kodak CEO Antonio Perez held a Town Meeting on Thursday where he talked about the recent events. He didn’t say anything that hasn’t already been published in other sources.