1892 NY Census online

I mentioned before that the LDS is going to start indexing the whole New York State census of 1892. They haven’t started indexing as of yet but I found that they already have the census pages online. So if you can’t wait, you can go page by page and look for your family. The census records are kind of hard to find on the LDS website; but try these directions:

  1. Start at the Family Search website.
  2. Hover over “Search Records” and a menu opens.
  3. Click on “Records Search Pilot” in that menu.
  4. This opens a new browser tab or page (depending on which browser you are using).
  5. In the new page, scroll down until you see a map
  6. On the map, click on “Canada, USA and Mexico.”
  7. Then click on “New York State Census, 1892”
  8. This will give you a menu of counties. When you click on a county, then you get a list of Towns (or City Wards) to pick from.
  9. Clicking on a Town will give you the first page for that Town and you can scroll all the pages from a given Town

Remember that there are two columns on each page for this census.
Good Luck.