Using the 1940 Directories on the 1940 Census

The Rochester Public Library has added the 1940 Rochester and Suburban directories to earlier ones that they already had online. These will be of great help in finding your family on the 1940 census that comes online on April 2nd. There won’t be any index available for the census for at least 6 months to a year. So what you will need to do is find the family in the 1940 directory and write down the address. As an example, I will use Frank and Mary Favaloro. Mary is my second cousin, twice removed. In the 1940 census they were living at 81 Pearl St. Then go to Steve Morse’s website. There you will find some tools for the 1940 census. If you haven’t been there before, then you want to read the “Getting Ready the 1940 Census” page. Go to the “Unified 1940 Census ED Finder.” Select, State, County and under the “City or Town” box select “Rochester.” If you know a cross street, it will help you. I didn’t put any cross street in. When I clicked on the “Get 1940 ED Number(s)” button I got 4 election districts (EDs). I’m writing those down to use when the census becomes available. I am only guessing, but I suspect each ED averages about 25 pages so I will have to search about 100 pages to find my Favaloro family. If I put in  cross street as “Alexander St.” I ended up with only 2 EDs to have to search.

The only other place large enough to be able to search in Monroe County by address in the 1940 census is the Town of Irondequoit. Use the Suburban Directory to find the address in 1940 and put that address into the ED Finder.

Other Towns in Monroe County don’t have ED maps. In the “City or Town” box specify “Other” and then type in the name of the Town or Village. The Village of Brockport is in the Town of Sweden. I noticed that when I put in  “Brockport” I get 4 EDs. If I put in “Sweden” I get 5 EDs including 4 of the same ones under Brockport. That means the the 1 ED not under Brockport is the part of the Town outside of the Village of Brockport. You can use the same strategy for other Towns with Villages.

Also, the Rochester Public Library will be adding the directories for 1930 – 1939 sometime in the future.

Link to 1940 Rochester Directory

Link to 1940 Suburban Directory