Finding Genealogy Blogs

I was going to start a blog linking to other genealogy blogs. First, I found out that the way I was going to go about it was a lot more laborious than I wanted to take on. Second, I don’t have enough programming skills to make it easier. And third, and most important, someone else is already doing just what I wanted to do and doing it better.

Genealogy Blog Finder is just one of blogs from Chris Dunham. He is kind of a mystery man, in that his photo has him with his hand over his face. He surely has some programming skills as GBF is able to link to 1348 genealogy blogs. Who knew that there were that many genealogy blogs?

Going through the sections on the main web page, I’ll start at the bottom.  There are links to topics (ie. Jewish, Podcasts, Libraries, etc) on the bottom of the page which will open a page listing of blogs. Plus there is a map with a random link to a blog that has been updated within the last day.

Above that section are three links. “Recently Updated” gives a web page with a list of blogs that have been recently updated. (I’ll bet you guessed that.) “What’s New” has the last ten blogs added to the list of blogs that are linked to. The last link in that section, “Who’s Blogging Where” opens a Google map with markers showing the blogs that have been updated in the last two days. You can zoom in on the map to any part of the world. Clicking on one of the markers makes a balloon pop up showing a mini view of the page and a link to the blog.

Up on the top of GBF is a search box. There are two ways to search. You can use it to search the blog directory by making sure that the button under the search box is checked. That will give you blogs matching your search term. Clicking the “Search Blog Posts” button lets you search all the blog posts going back a few years. Searching for “Gramps” (a not very popular genealogy program) I found blog postings dating back to 2006. You can even try putting in a surname and see if there ever was a blog entry on that family. There are at least two blogs going back to 2003; Dick Eastman’s Newletter and Kimberley’s Genealogy Blog.

Chris Dunham has managed to find an amazing number of genealogy blogs and can search all the postings in the blog. He even links to blogs that haven’t been updated in a few years. I found a blog from the Western Monroe County Genealogical Society that hasn’t had a posting since September 2006.

Go to GBF and see what you can find.