It’s Coming!

I’m getting excited. It is only one week to the release of the 1940 census on April 2nd. I’ve made a list of people I want to see the records for. The records will be available on this National Archives site. The chances that the site will be overloaded the first few weeks are great. I expect a notice on Apr. 2 by 9:15 that the site is experiencing problems. This is a lot better than when they released the 1930 census in 2002. You could go to one of the National Archives branches and see the microfilms. Most people waited months until their local library received copies of microfilm. I can’t remember how long it took to have the 1930 census online but I think it took at least a year.  Indexes took a year or two to be produced. The 1940 will be indexed by a huge number of volunteers.  It is possible that the whole census could be indexed by the end of this year. I sure hope that is the case as I have other relatives that I have no idea where they lived in 1940 and could only find them by a well produced index.