Preserving Books on the Internet

There was a report on the CBS news last Saturday about the Internet Archive using the internet to try to preserve a copy of every book ever published. Libraries from around the country send their old discarded books to the Internet Archive headquarters  where they digitized the book and make it available online for free. Then they also preserve the book. That may sound odd to keep the book but the truth is that future technology may want a better quality reproduction. Read this online version of the CBS report. Then go to the Internet Archive and search the collection of over 3 million books. The collection contains all kinds of works. They do have books for genealogist including some family histories and town histories. Among the top 10 books download are such diverse titles as: Amusements in Mathematics, Goody Two-Shoes (a children’s book) and Beeton’s Book of Needlework. Some books are in just simple text form and others are in many formats including PDF, Kindle and ePub (Nook).

The Internet Archive has much more that I will write about in future posts.