Genealogy Blogs

Last night at the Rochester Genealogical Society meeting someone asked how can you find out about new genealogy databases coming on-line. The answer was blogs… The major blogs carry news of what being made available and where. Go to 25 Most Popular Genealogy Blogs and see which of those blogs that would interest you. I would say that Dick Eastman’s blog, Randy Seaver’s Genea-Musings and DearMYRTLE have the most up to date news. The Genealogy Guys also have up to date news but they actually do a weekly podcast. Don’t let the term term, podcast, make you think that it is only for MAC computers. A podcast is actually a MP3 audio file that can be listened to by almost every computer.

I also like to read the Genealogue blog from Chris Dunham. He finds weird news items that are of interest to genealogists.