Rochester Society Blue Books

Blue Book cover

The Rochester Public Library has added a collection of 16  “Blue Books” for the years of 1901 to 1940. In this case, these directories are a listing of the Society people of Rochester and surrounding area.People are listed alphabetically with married women’s maiden name shown in some of the volumes. Then is listed the address and a set of number corresponding to the Clubs that the person belonged to. For instance; in the 1926 “Blue Book” George Eastman is shown as belonging to these clubs:

  1. Automobile Club of Rochester
  2. Chamber of Commerce
  3. Country Club of Rochester
  4. Genesee Valley Club
  5. Oak Hill Country Club
  6. Rochester Club
  7. Rochester Historical Society
  8. Washington Club
  9. Memorial Art Gallery

Hard to believe that left any time for Mr. Eastman to take care of Kodak.

Below are links the “Blue Books.” These are PDF files and are about 4-5mb each so it would take a long time to download and view on slower internet connection. Also note that the full name of the “Blue Books”changed over the years but they are all similar.