Top Song 50 Years Ago; #12

The next song to hit the top of the charts in 1962 was a odd song to be on the top. The Stripper was recorded by David Rose (1910 – 1990) and his orchestra. MGM records wanted to get Ebb Tide, that he had recorded, out early and needed a song for the B-side. The Stripper was selected from previously recorded material as the B-side. Since it was released, the song is heard almost every time anyone does anything resembling a strip tease. It was the number one song on the Cash Box chart for 2 weeks, June 24 – July7. It was the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for only the week of July 1-7.

David Rose had a long carer as an orchestra leader and composer, first in radio and then in TV. He was the orchestra leader on the Red Skelton Show for many years. He wrote music for Little House on the Prairie, Highway To Heaven, Bonanza, and Highway Patrol. He won 4 Emmy awards for his music on TV. I have his recording of Holiday For Strings that he wrote and recorded in 1944 on an old 78 rpm record.

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