Kodak News; May 28 – June 1

Picture Keeper

History in the making…

It was a dull news week for Kodak. Maybe that is good.

A couple of news outlets in Rochester reported on a new product that Kodak is selling called the “Picture Keeper.” It is a flash drive that plugs into a USB outlet on a computer and finds all the pictures and backs them up automatically. It comes in 4 sizes; 2gb ($29.99), 8gb ($49.99), 16gb ($69.99) and the pro model which is 250gn (&169.99). You can easily find a 16gb USB flash drive without the software for around $15 so are these worth the extra money? More interesting to me is that the “Picture Keeper” doesn’t have the Kodak name on it. The link on the Kodak website sends you to: http://picturekeeper.com/kodak. That site also notes that the “Picture Keeper” for the iPhone and iPad are coming soon.