Perinton Bicentennial

Main St. bridge in Fairport across Erie Canal.

The Town of Perinton here in Monroe County is celebrating their 200th anniversary. The Town was formed on 26 May 1812 and was named for Glover Perrin who was the first settler in the area in 1790. Glover settled around what is known as Perinton Center. When the Erie Canal came through in the mid 1820s the center of the population of the Town moved to Fairport. Factories were built at Fairport including American Can which made cans for canned fruits and vegetables from around the area. Also about half of the Village of East Rochester (originally called Despatch) was in the Town of Perinton until 1981 when East Rochester became a separate Town. Besides Fairport and East Rochester, the rest of the Town was primarily a farming area until the 1960s when suburban housing and shopping centers starting being built. For more history of the Town of Perinton, read this web page from the Town Historian, Jean Keplinger.

To celebrate their Bicentennial, Perinton has many events scheduled from July 1 – 15. Some of the events are ringing of all church bells  in the Town, a Horseshoe Tournament, a 5K race and many free concerts. To see all the events scheduled, view this PDF file.