Updating links

I spent many hours updating all the links on the links page on the GenWeb of Monroe County website. Pages on the internet come and go all the time. Plus some websites just love to redesign their site and move their pages around. This time, the City of Rochester and the Rochester Public Library had many updates. The old links to the RPL pages would have worked for a while but they would eventually have gone away. So I updated to the new links. Old style websites like the GenWeb site are static pages that don’t change much. Newer websites and even this blog are constructed each time you go to the page by putting together many pieces. Those pieces can be updated every few seconds if needed. So it can be difficult to pin down links on some websites.

If you find a web page that has valuable information that you want to refer to years from now, the best way to insure that you have the data is to save a copy of the web page to your computer. Then if the website disappears, you will still have the information.