Batteries !!!

In my genealogical research I had that one of my ancestors; Elizabeth (Whaley) Adams was born Oct. 27, 1834 in Elizabethtown, NY. Her husband, Cummings Adams was born either in Mass or Vermont depending of which source you believe. Elizabethtown, NY is in Essex County which is near the Vermont border. Recently I saw some other people had that Elizabeth was born in Elizabethtown Essex Co, NJ. I was fairly sure that they were wrong but before I would write to the others, I thought that I should check to be sure. I got the fact that Elizabeth was born in Elizabethtown, NY from her tombstone n the Farmersville Cemetery, Farmersville, Allegany Co., NY. That is just under 100 miles south from my house. So this week I set out on a day trip south to Farmersville. I took my camera with me to take a good photo of the tombstone as proof.

Along the way I would pass by cemeteries of other ancestors. I had lots of time so I stopped and took photos of those tombstones even though I already had photos of those. I figured it doesn’t hurt to have extra photos of those tombstones to choose from. When I got to Farmerville, I found the tombstone in no time. I really had a good idea of where it was even though the last time I had been to the cemetery was probably around 1985. The tombstone was quite dirty but I had brought along a cloth to clean it.

There was no doubt as to where it said Elizabeth was born: Elizabethtown NJ. I had the wrong birth location for all these years. It’s no wonder that I couldn’t find a Whaley family in Elizabethtown NY.

I went back to my car to get my camera. When I pushed the power button, the lens came out and then went right back in. You guess it! I had run the battery down so I couldn’t take a photo. What really makes me mad is that I have an extra battery that I had left at home. No only that but I even have a charger that plugs into the car lighter. I left that home, too. I was at least 30 miles from any stores. Plus the camera takes a Lithium ion battery that has to be charged before using. I had to come home without a photo.

Don’t do as I did. Always take those extra batteries along on your genealogy trips. And a charger if you have one. It doesn’t matter if it is just a short trip. With digital photos you’ll always end up taking more photos than you expected.