Top Song 50 Years Ago; Extra #2

Pat Boone was a big star in the late 50s and early 60s. He wasn’t just one of those one hit wonders. According to Billboard, he was the second biggest charting artist of the late 1950s (behind Elvis). He even had a TV show from 1957 – 1960. Many of Pat Boone’s hit songs were R&B covers. Not sure why he would have recorded Speedy Gonzales as it was more of a novelty song. It never hit the top spot on the charts but it did make it up to the number 6 spot on both the Billboard and Cash Box charts.

The song was written by Buddy Kaye, Ethel Lee and David Hess. The female voice on the record was by a lady named Robin Ward. Also Mel Blanc provided the voice of Speedy as he did in the Warner Brothers cartoons.

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