Holy Sep. – follow-up

    I finished typing the tombstone records for Section 12 East that I wrote about in the last posting. That section is all single graves. Those were the cheapest graves at the time the cemetery was organized. You could buy more than one grave but most are just one family member. Probably all the graves in this section were sold by 1878 but there are burials after that.

    I ended up with 160 names and 33 of the people have burial dates from before Holy Sepulchre was organized so those definately came from the earlier Catholic cemeteries which were later closed. Judging by the names, some came from St. Patrick’s (Irish) and some came from St. Joseph’s (German) cemetery.

    I am only guessing as to the number of burials in this section but I would think it would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 1200 burials. That means that only about 13% have tombstones in this section. That may sound small but is probably right for most single grave sections in any large cemetery. It just points out how important it is to go through burial records for those without tombstones.