Cemetery exploring

I spend way too much time in cemeteries but I almost got stuck in one earlier this week. I was down in Ulster County, NY and had visited five cemeteries looking for my extended family. There was just one more cemetery that I wanted to stop at; Ulster Park Community Cemetery. I had looked for the cemetery many years before but couldn’t find it. There were only two people that I wanted to find but I thought that it was possible that there might be more of the family buried there. This time before I left home, I had found good directions using Google. The cemetery wasn’t near the highway. No wonder that I couldn’t find it. It was behind a fruit, vegetable and garden store. I found the business and as I pulled in I could see the cemetery. I asked a man watering plants how to get to the cemetery and he pointed to a very narrow driveway between the main store and a greenhouse. I started down the driveway but there was a large (4ft by 4.5ft by 3 ft) apple crate in the way so I stopped my car. I could hear someone mowing in the distance but didn’t see anyone to help. The crate had many metal and plastic pipes. It weighed so much that I had to inch it out of my way. Got back in my car and drove the rest of the way to the cemetery. It looked like no one had been there in years and it was partially overgrown. The earliest burial was from about 1835 and the most recent burial was 1980 even though there was only about 100 graves. I couldn’t find the two people that I went there for; nor any other relatives. So I headed back out. This time, I got half way back to the highway and there was a forklift parked in the middle of the driveway. I was mad! I beeped my horn and hoped someone could hear me as there wasn’t any other way out of the cemetery. Just then, a man on the mower stopped and came over and apologized. My mood changed quickly and I laughed thinking I could have been stuck in the cemetery. I should have just walked from the highway back to the cemetery rather than trying to drive back there.