Who is that Masked Man?

The Lone Ranger

It’s John Hart as the Lone Ranger.

Back in April I wrote this posting about watching episodes of “The Lone Ranger.” I thought that I had seen all episodes that the station had. Then a couple of weeks ago as I was scrolling through channels, I saw an episode that I hadn’t seen before. It was one of the episodes that starred John Hart as the Lone Ranger. Clayton Moore had done the first 2 seasons (78 episodes) but had a contract dispute about returning. So he was replaced for the 3rd season by John Hart.

In the Hart episodes, they use the opening with Clayton Moore. Plus I have seen one episode where a long shot was clearly Clayton Moore and then in the close-up it was John Hart. Mr Hart only lasted the one season (52 episodes). After “The Lone Ranger,” he continued as a working actor. His last role was as the Lone Ranger on an episode of “Happy Day” in 1982. Mr. Hart died in 2009 at aged 91.

Clayton Moore returned as the Ranger for 2 more seasons. The last season was 39 episodes that were filmed in color. All together there are 221 classic episodes, including those with John Hart.