Kodak News; Aug. 27 – 31

Kodak Tower

Kodak Tower

History in the making…

At this week’s bankruptcy hearing Kodak asked for and received an extension on the sale of the digital imaging patents. This makes 2 extensions that they have received. Kodak now has until September 7th to announce who the patents were sold to and for how much.

On Wednesday, Kodak filed their monthly report to the bankruptcy court. For domestic operations they had had sales of $162.5 million but ended up with a net loss of $78.7 million.

Local press were reporting about Cerion moving to larger quarters in Eastman Business Park (formerly Kodak Park). Cerion makes low-emission diesel fuel additive. They will be renting 10,000 square feet in the Eastman Business Park. That is a drop in the bucket as there is approx. 3 million square feet of space available in Eastman Business Park.