Top Song 50 Years Ago; #16

The next song to hit the top of the charts in 1962 was “Sheila” by Tommy Roe. After graduating from high school, Tommy got a job soldering wires at General Electric in his native Atlanta. When “Sheila” became a hit, the record company wanted him to do a tour but he refused until they offered him a $5000 advance.

“Sheila” was the number one song on the Billboard chart for 2 weeks; Aug. 30 – Sept. 8, 1962. It didn’t reach the top spot on the Cash Box chart. It did stay at #2 for 3 weeks (Aug. 28 – Sept. 15) on that chart.

Other hit songs for Tommy were; “Sweet Pea” (1966), “Hooray for Hazel” (1966), “Dizzy” (1969) and “Jam Up and Jelly Tight” (1970).

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