Greece Library

The main library in Greece, NY recently underwent renovations. They had their grand re-opening a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t get there until Friday. They made 2 meeting rooms with a divider that can be pulled back to make one big room. They expanded the room for the Friends of the Greece Library bookstore. Most amazing to me was that they took the former teen area, which was hardly ever used, and put in more shelves for books. Imagine that; a library today making more space for books.

The computer terminals were only about half being used. The last two times I was there, all were being used and you had to wait for someone to leave. Out of curiosity I snooped on what people were doing on the computers. On lady was playing a video game. Another was on Facebook. A third was reading news. One man was on some website looking at available jobs. And finally there were 2 men playing online chess but they were on different websites so they weren’t playing each other. That’s all I dared to look at. Free computer access is not only popular in the Greece library but all area libraries.