Historical Society selling building

    Rochester Historical Society is selling their building called "Woodside" on East Avenue. It was a family home built in the early part of the 19th century. As any old home, it needs constant repairs. It is a problem with many of these kinds of organizations that they end up spending more of their energy trying to get donations to repair their buildings than anything else.

    The Historical Society does have a library in their basement. They say that their collection includes some 22,000 bound volumes and 70,000 pages of manuscripts. I got a tour of the library about 15 years ago. I make the mistake of actually taking a book off a shelf and got yelled at. Probably 30 years ago, a good portion of the collection was loaned to the Rochester Public Library. That included some cemetery records, church records, Nathaniel Rochester’s personal papers, etc. It was about ten years ago that the Historical Society was close to asking the Public Library to give back everything that belonged to the Historical Society. That was averted at the last minute and now the Historical Society is in talks with renting space in the Public Library. I surely hope that the Historical Society collection will become more accessable. There is a collection of Bible records and also genealogical records from the Pioneer Committees from 1934 and 1984 that I would love to see what wonders they hold.