New TV Shows of Fall 1962 – ABC

In the fall of 1962 ABC bet on a bunch of new comedies and a couple of WWII war series. Like every new TV season some failed and some ran for many years. These are the new shows on ABC in the fall of 1962. (All times Eastern)

  • The Jetsons; Sunday at 7:30. This Hanna-Barbera space-age cartoon only had 24 new episodes for this season. They were re-run for years. Then in 1985 they created another 41 episodes so that they had a bigger package to syndicate. View The Jetsons theme on YouTube.
  • ABC Sunday Night Movie; Sunday at 8:00. NBC had a hit by showing movies on Saturdays the previous season so ABC followed suit by starting to put movies on Sundays.
  • Stoney Burke; Monday at 9:00. This is a modern western with Jack Lord as a professional rodeo rider. It only lasted one season. Jack’s big hit, Hawaii Five-O, wouldn’t premiere until 1968.View the opening credits on YouTube.
  • Combat!; Monday at 7:30. A war series set in Europe with American troops after D-Day. The stars were Vic Morrow and Rick Jason. It ran for 5 seasons. View the opening credits on YouTube.
  • Going My Way; Wednesday at 8:30. A comedy and drama based on the 1944 movie about Priests in NYC. It starred Gene Kelly, Dick York and Leo G. Carroll. It only lasted one season. View the opening credits on YouTube.
  • Our Man Higgins; Wednesday at 9:30. A comedy about an English butler that is sent to live with an American suburban family. This too one lasted one season. View the opening credits on YouTube.
  • McHale’s Navy; Thursday at 9:30. A Navy comedy that lasted for 4 seasons. The first 3 seasons were set in the Pacific and the last season took place off the coast of Italy. It starred Ernest Borgnine as McHale, Joe Flynn as Capt. Binghamton and Tim Conway as Ensign Parker. It is still running in syndication. It also spawned 2 movies with most of the original cast and an awful movie in 1997 starring Tom Arnold. View the opening credits on YouTube.
  • Gallant Men; Friday at 7:30. Another series set during WWII. In this one the infantry is fighting in Italy. Even the talent of Richard X. Slattery couldn’t save this series from only lasting one season.
  • I’m Dickens… He’s Fenster; Friday at 9:00. A slapstick comedy about 2 constructions workers. Starred John Astin and Marty Ingels. View the opening credits on YouTube. Plus below are some of the highlights from the series.
  • The Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Show; Saturday at 7:30. This isn’t the series you may remember. This was a variety series starring the husband and wife western stars. Great guest stars weren’t good enough to save the series from competition from The Jackie Gleason Show and it was cancelled after just 13 episodes.
  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington; Saturday at 8:30. This series is based on the 1939 movie named the same. It is about a Senator from a small state that has a hard getting used to Washington. It starred Fess Parker as Senator Eugene Smith. It was only broadcast for half a season. Fess came back 2 years later in Daniel Boone. View the opening credits on YouTube.