New TV Shows of Fall 1962 – CBS

CBS had a strong line-up from the season before so they didn’t have to add many shows. Two of the new series from the fall of 1962 ended up being in the top 10 for the year; The Beverley Hillbillies and The Lucy Show. As a matter of fact, 8 of the top ten shows of 1962-3 belonged to CBS. These are the new shows for 1962:  (All times Eastern)

  • General Electric True; Sunday at 9:30. This a dramatic anthology of stories taken from True magazine. The host of the series was Jack Webb. It only lasted one season.
  • The Lucy Show; Monday at 8:30. Lucille Ball returned to TV as a widow with 2 children. Also Vivian Vance was her co-star (as Vivian) with a child of her own. After a couple of seasons, Vivian wanted to reduce her travels back to her real home in Connecticut so she eventually dropped out by the third season. The show evolved over 6 seasons. Toward the end to the series the children were gone and Lucy’s character  had moved to Los Angeles. The Lucy Show was rated at #4 for the 1962-3 season. View the opening credits for season one on YouTube. Plus, below is an episode of the show that originally aired Nov. 12, 1962.
  • The New Loretta Young Show; Monday at 10:00. Loretta had a dramatic anthology series that ran from 1953 to 1961. In that one she was the hostess and sometimes performer. In this new series Loretta played Christine Massey every week. Christine was a widowed mother of 7 children living in Connecticut. This show only lasted until March 1963.
  • The Lloyd Bridges Show; Tuesday at 8:00. After 4 seasons of Sea Hunt, Lloyd returned with this dramatic anthology. It only last one season. View opening credits on You Tube.
  • The Beverley Hillbillies; Wednesday at 9:00. Discussed in a previous posting.
  • The Nurses; Thursday at 9:00. Series at this time about doctors were popular so why not a series about nurses? After the first season the titled was changed to The Doctors and the Nurses and it ran for 2 more seasons.. The stars were Shirl Conway as Liz Thorpe and Zina Bethune as Gail Lucas.
  • Fair Exchange; Friday at 9:30. This was a hour long comedy about a family from NYC and a family from London that exchanged daughters. Due to poor ratings it was dropped in December but a letter campaign brought it back as a half hour show from March to Sept. 1963. That was end of this series. It featured Eddie Foy Jr. and also had Judy Carne as the daughter from London. She would become much more famous years later on Laugh-In. View opening credits on YouTube.