New TV Shows of Fall 1962 – NBC

NBC in the fall of 1962 started with 3 new westerns.. The stand out was the Virginian because at 90 minutes long it was like a new movie each week. They also had 3 new comedies, none of which would make it to the 1963 fall season. These are new NBC series: (All times Eastern)

  • Ensign O’Toole; Sunday at 7:00.  A naval comedy starring Dean Jones. Up against Father Knows Best (ABC) and Lassie (CBS), it lasted one season. View opening credits on YouTube.
  • It’s A Man’s World; Monday at 7:30. A comedy of students at a Midwestern college that live on a houseboat. It only lasted until Jan. 1963. It starred Glenn Corbett, Michael Burns, Ted Bessel and Randy Boone, who would all go on to better shows.
  • Saints and Sinners; Monday at 8:30. A drama set at newspaper office. It starred Nick Adams. It also only lasted until Jan. 1963. View the opening credits on YouTube.
  • Empire; Tuesday at 8:30. A modern western set on a sprawling ranch in New Mexico. It only lasted one season.
  • The Virginian; Wednesday at 7:30. The first 90 minute western. It was set on the Shiloh ranch in the Wyoming Territory of the 1890s. It last until 1971 and the cast changed over the years. The only characters that remained for the whole series were the Virginia played by James Drury and Trampas played by Doug McClure. Lee J. Cobb was Judge Garth for the first 4 seasons. View the original opening on YouTube.
  • The Eleventh Hour; Wednesday at 10:00. A drama series about two psychologists sharing an office. This season starred Wendall Corey and Jack. For a second and finally season, Corey was replaced by Ralph Bellamy.
  • The Wide Country; Thursday at 7:30. A western drama revolving around  a champion bronco rider, played by Earl Holliman. This only lasted one season.
  • Don’t Call Me Charlie; Friday at 9:30.  A comedy about a veterinarian drafted and assigned to an Army animal hospital in Paris. Another series that faded away in Jan. 1963. View the very short opening title on YouTube.
  • Sam Benedict; Saturday at 7:30. A courtroom drama set in San Francisco. It starred Edmond O’Brien. Even he couldn’t save this series from being cancelled after one season. View the opening credits on YouTube.

NBC’s biggest hit of the 1962-3 season was Bonanza, which ended up in 4th place. Here is the original opening of that show: