Kodak News; Sept. 24 – 28

Kodak HERO 9.1 All-in-One Printer

There wasn’t any Kodak news until Friday. Then Kodak made the announcement that they would phase out their consumer injet printers by spring 0f 2013. They would continue making ink for those printers that are currently in people’s homes. That would be the last of the consumer products that Kodak had been selling. The discontinued digital cameras and pictures frames in the beginning of the year. Then in August they announced that they would try to sell off consumer film and digital kiosks. This decision would leave Kodak without any consumer products. They plan to continue with their huge graphic printers and packaging systems.

Kodak was also in Bankruptcy Court on Friday to ask for an exertion on submitting their bankruptcy plan until February 28, 2013. CEO Antonio Perez says “Kodak is making good progress toward emergence from Chapter 11.”

Kodak has cut their number of employees by more than 2,700 so far in 2012. They also expect a further reduction of at least 1,200 employees (up 200 from the 1,000 previously announced).