Aqueduct Tour – 2012

Today was the one day of the year that old aqueduct under Broad Street is legally open to the public. It was originally the aqueduct that took the Erie Canal over the Genesee River. It was used from about 1842 to 1920 when the Erie Canal was rerouted south of the city. Next came a subway that ran in the bed of the old canal and over the top was constructed Broad Street which is held up with pillars. Parts of Broad Street are in fear of collapsing so the west part of Broad Street is being filled up. The aqueduct itself is in the best shape of length of Broad Street.

These are some of the photos that I took. You can click on a photo for a larger view and use your browser’s “back arrow” to return to this posting.


The Broad Street aqueduct / bridge. The old aqueduct is the large arches. The smaller upper arches were added to support the roadway.


Standing under the Four Corners and looking toward the aqueduct )lights on right). I was completely in the dark and I didn’t see the graffiti until my flash went off. The orange lettering on top of the wall is for the workmen shoring up the framework.


Most every part of the subway center wall is covered with graffiti.


There are a few works of unique graffiti art. Amazing for a place that is officially closed.


Standing under the Rochester Public Library looking south. The circles on the photo are water droplets falling from the roof. Notice the 4 people in the far distance.


The Court Street bridge looking from underneath the Rochester Public Library.


Also looking from underneath Rochester Public Library. Blue cross Arena on left and Thomson Reuters (formerly Lawyers Co-op) on right with the statue of Mercury on top. Also the Broad St. bridge.