Arlington National Cemetery Online

Back in 2010 there were reports that the record keeping for Arlington National Cemetery were a mess. Reports said that some graves that have a headstone were recorded as vacant. Cemetery workers dug graves only to find that someone was already buried there. They were keeping all their records on paper and some records were missing. A great effort has been made in the last 2 years to correct all those wrongs.

Arlington now has a fantastic online website. You can search for a person buried there. Then it will give directions to the grave and show it on a map. The amount of data on people buried there varies. Some just have a death date while other have birth, death and burial dates.

The Army, who maintains the cemetery, also has taken photos of all 259,000+ graves. Most of those photos have not yet been added. The few that been already added can be downloaded. You probably will be able to download all the photos in the future.

At the website you can download a app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

In just 2 years Arlington has gone a cemetery with terrible records to a well detailed database on  the web.

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Update (Oct 25)

Yesterday when I visited the Arlington website there were a small percentage of tombstone photos. Today about 80% of the people buried there have a tombstone photo.