What I have been doing…

    One thing that I have been doing is to re-format a lot of the pages on the GenWeb of Monroe County site. Probably no one else but me cares about that. I just want all the pages to display the same on every browser. So I have been cleaning up the coding on pages on and off since about February.

    I was able to borrow a copy of Rochester and the Post-Express… I went through and scanned all the pictures that were with many biographies and uploaded them to the Biographies section of GenWeb. The pictures that were there before were off a PDF file. They were very low resolution. The new pictures show a lot more detail. Check those out if you have an ancestor listed.

    I also borrowed a book of letters written from Rochester from 1812 to 1814. I am still working on that. It is only about 40 pages. I saw that a copy of the book is selling on eBay for $125. I’m going to make it available for free. Some of the letters have news about events happening during the War of 1812.