Kodak News: Oct. 22 – 26

Kodak Vision3 2237

On Monday the 29th (Oct.) the Bankruptcy Judge will hear the agreement between Kodak and the retirement committee that will end Kodak sponsored health care at the end of 2012. He may or may not rule on the agreement at that time. There is a small possibility that he may put off his ruling. Just the same, both Excellus and MVP have started to schedule meetings to talk about the health care plans that they will offer for 2013. Both are mainly talking about their plans for those Medicare eligible (over age 65). As far as I can determine, there aren’t any discussions of plans for retirees under 65. Those should be coming after the Judge rules on the agreement.

On Friday, Kodak announced that Douglas Edwards has been elected senior vice president of Kodak by the Board of Directors. He is currently the president of the Digital Printing and Enterprise Group. He has only that position since last month. Mr. Edwards joined Kodak in 2005.

This week Kodak introduced a new archival movie film: Vision3 Digital Separation Film 2237. According to Kodak, the new b&w film is intended for making archival separations from color digital masters to preserve images right down to the “fine detail, tight grain, optimal resolution, and excellent flare characteristics” of the original. These new movie films will last for “centuries.”