FamilySearch Family Tree – Editing and Adding Data

FamilySearch Family Tree was created so that anyone can edit data. The reasoning is eventually each date and place fact would end up with correct information. In the last posting I found the record of my ancestor, Dewitt Clinton Halsey. To make a correction of any fact you could first click on “Open Details” which opens a box for each fact. You can also click on a single fact and the box will open for that fact. That’s what I did for the birth record. You then get this edit screen:

Edit screen

Notice that it suggests that you use standard dates and places. Places shouldn’t include things like Hospitals for birth and deaths. Nor do they want a name of a cemetery in burial facts; just the town. You also should explain why you think the new fact is correct. Someone can come along after you and change the fact again so may want to be as detailed as possible. Then save the record. Your name will be placed on that record as having made a change.

You can click “Watch” at the top of the person’s page and then once a week FamilySearch will send you any changes that have been made to that person. If you disagree with that change you can reverse the change.

Next I looked for someone to add a child to. I found that my second great grandaunt, Eliza or Louisa Halsey did not have her daughter connected:

I have Eliza listed in census records as Eliza Moore and her daughter was named Diantha S. Moore. So I clicked on “Add Child” and I get a search screen. Because I put in her middle initial, she ended up on the top of the list of possibility. If she wasn’t listed I could click on the “Add” button to put in a new person.

Search results.

Even though Diantha didn’t have any dates listed, I knew this was the correct Diantha Moore because she married her cousin Thaddeus Halsey. So I clicked on the “Select” button. Now Diantha is connected to the Halsey family through her mother and her husband. Family is complicated!

Completed family.

When you add any relations to a person, child, spouse or parent, Family Tree asks you to search for a existing record first so that you won’t add a new record for an existing person.