FamilySearch Family Tree – Adding Sources

One of the most things we can do as a genealogist is to add source documentation to our records. FamilySearch Family Tree lets anyone add sources to a person in the database. It can be records that you have found on FamilySearch or a source from any other location on the internet or not.

On the Family Tree Training page there is a video showing how to add sources. I had a problem when I tried to play that video. It wouldn’t play in the Mozilla browser. I had to open Internet Explorer that I haven’t used in a couple of years in order to play the video. The video sounds like it is easy to add a source but I had to play it 3 times to get the source to attach. (Click on any of the graphics to see a larger size.)

John F. Wilklow’s death record.

I keep 2 windows open on FamilySearch; one for Family Tree and the other to search records. I found the above death record for John F. Wilklow who died in 1938 in Ohio on FamilySearch. He is a distance relation on my big family tree. To add that record as a source, I ‘hover’ over “My Source Box” and a tab appears. I click on “Add to My Source Box” and that record is added to all the sources that I have used.

Then I go over to the record that I have found for John F. Wilklow:

John F. Wilklow’s record

The Source Box hides under my name in the upper right corner. I kept opening it and then couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t attach the source. That’s why I had to watch the video 3 times. I wasn’t supposed to be going to Source Box from there. Instead I needed to scroll all the way to the bottom of John’s page to add the source. I had to cut the web page above to show the bottom of the page. You can click on “Create a New Source” and it will give you a form to fill out. Among the sources that are I have used are books, genealogy magazines, newspaper clippings and web pages from other websites. I want to use the new source that I just created so I clicked on “Go to Source Box” and this new window (below) opened:

Source Box

I check the little ‘check box’ and then clicked on “Attach” and a new window tells me that the source is attached to John. Seeing as sources are located at the bottom of a person’s record, there is another thing that you could do to make the source more visible. First, either click on “Open Details” or do as I did, which was to click on the death date. This opens just death record:

Death data.

Over on the right it says that the data was changed by FamilySearch in June. On the death record it says that I updated the death date in June. What actually happened was that I submitted the data in 1999 through the old Ancestral File. In June I was able to connect the 1999 account to my current FamilySearch account. So it appears that I updated about 2000 records in just one day.

On the Death record you can click on the “Tag” and a small windows opens with another check box. Then click “OK” and the source is tagged to the death record. In the completed death record (below), I have tagged the record and also updated the death place to the Township that I had found in the original record on FamilySearch.

Completed Death Record.

FamilySearch says that you can go back to the Source Box and delete that source record if you won’t be using it again. The source is still attached on the person’s record. I’m done on FSFT but I also added the source to my own genealogy databases.