FamilySearch Family Tree – Still Coming

Over the last few weeks I have been writing about the genealogy database on FamilySearch called Family Tree (FSFT). The FSFT team hasn’t finished everything that they want to do with this complicated on-line system. One main thing that isn’t available is to print out either a family tree or family group sheet. They say that those printing functions are coming soon.

Another function coming soon is to add notes to a person or a person’s vital event. This will be of help if you want to add more detail to a person.

At the end of January there will be a demonstration at a genealogy convention of “FamilySearch Photos.” The description of the demo says the feature allow people to upload images of ancestors. Then they can “tag/identify ancestors in the photos, and associate the tagged ancestors in the photos to the Family Tree. ” Don’t expect photos to be added much sooner than that time.

The way FSFT is made, it should be able to be updated for many years in the future. It currently does have some small problems. The biggest problem is multiple data for a single person (see posting on merging data). People on other blogs are concerned that someone can change data you have put in FSFT. In the long term that isn’t a problem as linked sources will help to determine if facts or correct or not.