Proposed NY Legislation Would Allow Access to Adoptees’ Birth Records

I don’t often repeat posting from other blogs but I thought this was very important news. Dick Eastman on his EOGN blog, says that he received the following email from the German Genealogy Group on Long Island:

The Adoptee Bill(s) of Rights would repeal the 1935 legislation that sealed in perpetuity the original birth certificates, and thus the original identities, of anyone adopted in the state of New York.

The Bill permits an adopted adult to access birth certificates and medical histories when they reach the age of 18. It also creates a contact preference to be filed by the birth parents.

We must get calls going to the members of the assembly & senate.

Please call your local assembly member and senator and as many from the below links as you can. Anyone can call even if not in New York State so encourage your out-of-state friends and family to call as well. The more calls the better.

This link is a list of all assembly members where you can find their contact info:
The assembly Bill is A909

This is a directory of the New York State Senators.
The Senate Bill number is S2490

Please call assembly member Richard Gottfried phone # 518 455-5939 and ask him to put bill A909 on the health committee agenda for a vote. Also call Speaker Sheldon Silver and ask him to move bill A909 to the Assembly floor for a vote. 518 455-4941.

At a talk to the Rochester Genealogical Society last year about adoption records I ended my presentation by saying that I doubt NY State would ever open adoption records. This legislation would open records that have been closed to all adoptees.