Kodak News; Feb. 11 – 15

History in the making…

On Monday Kodak unveiled a new commercial printer. The Kodak Prosper 5000XLi Press which features an “intelligent print system” that continuously monitors and adjusts settings to ensure high quality. Rochester’s Mercury Print has been testing the new printer.

On Tuesday the Monroe County Legislature voted to buy 547,000 square feet of the Kodak Office complex to use as a future campus for Monroe Community College (MCC). The only step left to make the final deal is an authorization from the State University of NY.  For a purchase of just under $3 million MCC will get buildings, 3, 9, 11, 13 and 16 and part of a parking lot. The cost to renovate the buildings into space for MCC is estimated to cost $72 million.

Kodak is going to renew a licensing agreement with lens maker Signet Armorlite Inc. Under the agreement Signet would keep exclusive rights to make and sell Kodak-branded prescription eyeglass and sunglass lenses through 2029. In return, Signet would pay Kodak a $30.6 million up-front licensing fee.

The video below is a Kodachrome film test from 1922. It was linked to by a few blogs this week even though it was originally posted by Kodak to YouTube almost 2 years ago.